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“Life is like a trampoline effect, the lower you hit, the higher you rise”

             - Paul Robinson

Money Magnetism

Paul is a prolific author with several titles to his credit. He writes extensively on human potential growth and management. He derives his inspiration from ancient wisdom and makes an amalgamation of insights with modern day findings and best practices.

The core of Hermes Trigestimus's wise thoughts and teachings were encrypted on an Emerald Tablet of Toth, when later discovered had an axiom which has been the puzzle for centuries.It reads like this -
'As above, so below. As within, so without'
This is the secret behind ‘The Secret’ which was a mystery for thousands of years. Only the few who could decode this riddle found extraordinary success. Now the mystery is unwound to the world.

Branding is the ultimate differentiation tool and there is more to branding than we conventionally know about it. In this  book Paul Robinson unveils unique strategies to build a powerful brand from the inside out. Through a series of case studies and success stories narrated in this book, you will learn about the intricacies of branding exercises that goes behind building a roaring brand.

The Psychology of a Winner

High Performance Leadership

Every thing in life is about negotiation - whether you are buying a house, asking your boss for a raise, or persuading your child to do his homework. The world you live in is a giant negotiation table where everyone is interested in guarding their interests and getting the best deal for themselves.

Whatever your unique, individual problem or situation may be, you can learn to empower yourself and create positive solutions for the most complex and difficult problems. You can be in total control of your life, and this book tells it all!

The Inner Game of Success

The Law of Attraction

Mastery in Negotiation Tactics

There are mediocre people and champions. There are ordinary people and extra ordinary individuals. What's’ the differences? Is there an X factor?
Now, learn the psychology of true winners from the groundbreaking research from Paul Robinson and master techniques and tactics used by world’s foremost athletes, champions and peak performers.

'The Inner Game of Success' a ten day personal growth program for people who want more from life. This is an upgraded software for your mind to deliver you lasting, powerful results to completely transform the quality of your life, now and forever in every arena of your life-mental, emotional & physical health, finances and wealth, relationship and associations, career/business and to realize your destiny's call. The step by step strategies and practical tools help you to work on all arenas of your life.
It is a comprehensive program that will both entertain and inspire you while you design and follow through on your ultimate life plan. By using the concepts you'll learn, you will be well equipped to confidently face and conquer any challenge placed in your path. This exciting program helps you shift your mindset, not just your actions, so that you can streamline your efforts and forge ahead in life.

Money Magnetism is a motivational audio full of powerful, persuasive and practical tips on becoming financially free. If you want to move to a new level of financial success quickly, listen to the Money Magnetism audio program. Repeated listening to this audio can help you to-
Become a smart spender.
Manage debts & Get out of debts easily.
Learn & Practice the 7 powerful Financial Habits and 8 money habits of millionaires.
Develop prosperity consciousness and abundance thinking.

This book matters to all those who seek results, because every outcome is churned out from the whirlpool of high performance. Now make high performance as quintessential quality in all that you do.
Delve deeper into the behavioural kinetics of leadership and discover your unique leadership style - action oriented, people oriented or system oriented.

Make Your Brand Roar