“If you want to change your reality, at first you must change your mentality”

​                         - Paul Robinson



Redefining roles revises responsibilities and thus demands refined skills. In an ever-changing world, the challenge is to keep up with the pace.

Some of the topics for the leaders to help on these aspects:

  • High Performance Leadership
  • Spark, Empower and Lead
  • Bottom-Up Leadership: How to build a culture of personal accountability?

“You can’t revise a blank page”

– Leonard Wolf

Fine-tuning is an art of working on achieving the desired outcome in various ways; it takes reshuffling of positions, responsibilities, thoughts or process to create a benchmark. Remember, records are created to be broken, need not be by others always. Clarity in communication, collaboration, trust, and aligning to an unified vision is the approach taken for creating great teams.

Some of the topics to help you on this aspect:

  • Collaborate to win: (Complete activity based session for senior management)
  • One team, one goal: (Complete activity based session)
  • How to build a high performance team?​



“In order to be a successful person one must become a succeeding person. A succeeding person is a person who is pursuing his goals on a consistent basis making progress every single day”

– Paul Robinson

 If ‘Formulating strategy’ is a difficult task, then executing or implementing it throughout the organization is even more difficult. Without guidelines and logical approach, execution suffers or fails. Not only having a model or roadmap positively effects execution success, but making timely changes in the process of execution and overcoming resistance to them is imperative to strategic success.

Some of the topics to help you with strategic direction:

Business strategy sessions:

  • Good to Great: Making the transition through leadership and people development
  • How to stay relevant in the ever-changing market place? Reinventing the company from the inside out
  • Building a Customer Centric Organization


Sales & Marketing:

  • ​Changing the game: The paradigm shift in sales 
  • Sales Motivation: What would it take to be extra ordinary?
  • The Art of Storytelling

If probability thinking confines you to think about the next thing, possibility thinking puts you on an infinite space; your imagination is unleashed beyond criticism. This is what gave way to an airplane or mobile phones which seemed to be impossible once upon a time.

Some of the topics that will help you explore possibilities:

  • Leading to the Future: Leadership and Innovation (For Top Management) 

  • Turn on the light bulb: Where good ideas come from?
  • 10 definitive tools for innovation
  • ABCD: Always Be Connecting Dots

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”

– Peter Drucker.

“Things don’t turn up in this world until somebody turns them up” – James A Garfield

Refreshed thoughts leads to strengthened minds and enhance performance; when we learn to overcome roadblocks, we move towards flexibility and thus can amplify strengths

Some of the topics that will help you to enhance performance:

  • Going beyond the boundaries / Raising the bar 

  • Breakthrough Your Barriers: (how to re-frame adversities and turn them into advantage) 
  • Accelerate: An inside out approach to high performance & productivity

Paul Robinson customises each session to your needs, incorporating practical solutions to meet  your business challenges. Request a topic that will align with your conference agenda, if none are listed above.

“Humanity is a process. We are really not beings but becomings" 

– Kevin Kelly.





Paul’s motivational sessions remind the participants to work as a winning team complementing each other’s strength to turn an organizational vision into a reality. The team will be infused with the messages for a shift in mindset and learn to connect, collaborate and create value together to stay relevant in the ever-changing marketplace.

Change is impacting at all levels; the very existence in coherence to the changes is challenged. Earlier there was ample time to observe, analyze and change; but the unpredictable pace is the biggest jeopardy. Being prepared and sensing danger before it endeavors you is the current day mantra.

Some of the topics through which we can help you do so:

  • Change Leadership (includes group activities on building your change leadership model)

  • Thriving through Change
  • Disrupting oneself

“Smart people don’t want to be led, they just want to be inspired”

– Paul Robinson​