A well-grown paddy will not always fetch good rice; the smartness is in carefully separating the grain from the chaff. Paul believes in deriving lessons from experiences, rather than categorizing them as failures and successes.
‘A smooth sea never makes a skillful sailor’. Likewise, Paul sees challenges and adversities as life’s offering to build skills, attain wisdom and staying relevant.
He believes that, ‘A real masterpiece unfolds when the sculptor has mastered the art of chipping the unwanted stone with precision.’ Thus the art of a progressive life is to eliminate distractions and to focus on individual strengths.
Through this unique approach, he has helped various organizations and individuals to pull away from challenges and relearn the process of delivering high performance.


Entrepreneurial experience was not new to Paul, as he had started his first venture during his student years with a fellow mate. After having the corporate exposure, Paul started a Sales and Marketing firm. This is where he understood that attitude and motivation could be measured and it is directly proportionate to the individual or team performance. He used to conduct motivational and skill building meetings, to enhance and amplify the individual and team strengths. He observed that the days when the meeting emphasis was on motivation and change in attitude, the sales numbers were higher than the days when the emphasis was on just skill building. Thus he concluded that team performance could be controlled in any way based on these aspects.

The change in approach towards human potential development helped him to diversify his business thus venturing into publishing, trading, manufacturing and media. Speaking, training and leading teams have characterized the past 20 years of his career. He currently works as a Professional Speaker, Business Strategist, Coach and Consultant. He travels across the globe to present workshops on management and self help topics for numerous Fortune 500 firms as well as small and mid-sized companies, trade groups and associations.

Early Years

If you or your organization seeks results, entertainment and a life-changing experience, investing in a session featuring Paul Robinson is your ticket. ​ 


Playing in two dimensions is easy enough, but what truly separates life from experience? Maybe it's when you give up your easel for a tool belt and get to work with a hammer and chisel. 

Transition from businessman to speaker

Being a gold medalist and the University topper, life offered multitude of choices to Paul; he chose Sales and marketing, for a simple reason, to explore the un-trodden paths for developing the skills that he had only read about. 20 years of business journey with a good share of failures and success, combined with masters in journalism, psychology and management, has given Paul clairvoyance in life and professional skills.