Chief Executive Skills

Content Marketing

Discussions, brainstorming, recreational activities and learning tools along with the required substance delivery make the session very impactful. He emphasizes on transformational education to bring about the required changes. Range of topics varies from leadership, change management, innovation, creativity, peak performance on individual or team level.

Strategic Thinking

Some of the popular topics for intensive training & workshops

Make Your Brand Roar

Vision to Reality:

​One Page Strategic Plan

Sell Like a Pro: Education Based Relationship Selling

The Execution Discipline

Transformational Education = Learning & Unlearning that changes beliefs and behaviour

Cultural Diversity & Communication

The Marketing Wizard Course

​​Paul’s refined thoughts, clarity in delivery, ability to energize the atmosphere and dialogues between the participants keeps the session engaging and entertaining as well. All his sessions are customized and designed based on the individuals and organizations targeted learning goals.

Culture is Better than Strategy

Creating lasting change

Paul is a professional at crafting the messages that you want to deliver to your team. Since concepts can change thinking and tools can change behavior, Paul’s sessions are tailor made with effective productivity and performance tools that participants can take home and apply to improve their personal and professional lives.

Mastery In Negotiation Tactics

High Performance Leadership