“You must take the screaming of your coach, in order to get you to the cheering of your fans”

​                          - Paul Robinson

Management Keynote on 'Creating a Can Do workforce'; addressing to 300 plus senior mangers and VPs & HRs on Economic Times HR Summit in 2015

Documentary Film on The Law of Attraction

Motivational Speech on the Sense of Urgency 

Documentary Film on High Performance Leadership

Sales Motivation addressing 400 plus sales team

Dealer Conference Motivational Speech at Dell Dealer's Meet addressing to 100 plus dealers in 2014

Motivational Session addressing 200 plus on a workshop

Motivational Keynote on Personal Empowerment

Leadership Keynote addressing to 200 plus CIOs & CXOs on C Change in 2010 

Motivational Keynote addressing to 600 plus youth at the International Youth Conference, part of the Parliament of the World Religions in 2015