"Smart people don’t want to be LED, but they just want to be INSPIRED"

Paul has authored books on Leadership (High Performance Leadership), Creativity & Innovation (The Deviants), and personal development (The Psychology of a Winner, The Inner Game of Success).

Paul will bring a fresh approach to leadership (from managers to leaders), drawing his insights from experience, research and learning. His leadership development style is a combination of personal leadership and inspirational leadership.

Leadership, ultimately, has nothing to do with the title on your business card or your position on the organizational chart. It’s about who you are and what you do to change things for the better—regardless of your ‘place’ in the company. Paul can help your managers to capture the everyday ‘leadership moments’ and become more accountable to their team members.

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High Performance Teams

Paul has trained, developed and managed teams with different functions, roles and responsibilities. This gives him, hands on experience to identify the common dysfunctions of a team and deploy necessary changes to boost team performance.

Paul can help your team to work in alignment with the organisational vision. His sessions are crafted with strong messages in building trust, agility, mutual accountability and collaboration.

Business Strategy

One of the key strengths of Paul Robinson is to develop innovative business strategies, and helping people to solve problems collectively. He is a specialist in strategic interventions with leadership teams and board of directors.

Whether you are reinventing your business, or to revamp strategies, or moderately successful and trying to reach the next level, Paul’s strategic interventions can help you find solutions together as a team. Also he will help you to incorporate the best tools and practices, which can be used in a planned and coordinated manner for better and improved results.

Few Areas of Intervention:
  • Business Strategy: Helping the team to form and implement strategies to achieve e a common outcome
  • Goal Setting: Identifying the motive to achieve  goals, design and deploy Goal Achieving System and how to overcome the roadblocks during the execution phase.
  • Crisis Management: Helping you to identify multiple scenarios and preparing a due diligence against any type of crisis before you face it
  • Business Re-invention: It is a business rejuvenation process  to stay relevant in these changing times.
  • Disruptive Thinking: Helping performing organizations or teams to identify the disruptive forces to avoid the pit falls of ‘doing things right’ for too long
  • Change Management: Making the teams to adapt to the changes and get everyone on the page for strategic direction and execution.
  • Profile Transitions: When a team or individual is stepping into a new profile and functional roles, we help them to make necessary changes in their mindset and skill set.
  • Post Merger Cultural Integration: When two organizations come together with 2 different organisational DNAs, we help the team to integrate into one value system, practices and culture.

Sales and Marketing

Paul Robinson started his business venture in direct sales.  He has not only learned sales but also lived it. He was also the founding editor in Chief of ‘Sales & Marketing’ magazine. Paul understands the different paradigms in sales and marketing and he has personally motivated thousands of sales professionals. 

He is the creator of ‘Education based relationship selling’ program. He is the author of the book ‘Make your brand roar’ and the educational course ‘Negotiate Like a pro’

His sales workshops are conducted for several organizations internationally. He brings in a holistic approach to the sales ecosystem from sales, marketing, social media and branding.

Creativity and Innovation

Paul Robinson’s quest to finding tools on thinking out of the box led to his work on creativity and innovation titled ‘The Deviants’. Paul’s sessions on creativity and innovation is filled with tools to think differently, innovate better, and nurture a culture of innovation, and inspiring people to take educated risks with their ideas.

Change Management

In the world of VUCA, continuous changes, and disruptions the business landscape is always adapting and Paul Robinson is your catalyst to help your team to adapt to changes. He incorporates effective change management steps in his sessions, which will help the leadership team to understand change, strategic direction, adaptability and sense of urgency better. We will harvest on the team ideas on a non-judgmental open platform where members get to share their challenges, perspectives and solutions.


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