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Inspirational Documentaries

The team at Positive Revolution Films have created over 18 documentary films based on the works of Paul Robinson. Some of the titles of these personal and professional development films include INVINCIBLE ME, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF A WINNER, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, TAKE THE STAGE, LESSONS IN POSITIVE THINKING, HEALTHY LIVING, LIFE BY DESIGN, EMOTIONS etc.

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negotiation trainers

Negotiate Like a Pro

Negotiation is an important skill to master if you want to succeed at work, home or any social setting where differences have to be settled with others in an amicable manner. This learning program will help you how to convince your clients, customers, employees or even peers about your stand point and arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement. 

Train The Trainer

Do you have aspirations to become a motivational speaker, a coach or consultant; then this is a foundation course for you to understand the nuances of the learning and training industry. Based on Paul’s experience as a leading keynote speaker for thousands of conferences and summits, Paul has outlined key competencies and skill sets to become the best in the training industry. 

Crash Course MBA

Enjoy a collection of business and management tips that are created by the professionals in the industry to help you navigate your business to the next level. This also has a collection of explanatory videos that can help you improve your career in the highly competitive corporate world that demands top talents and skill sets.