Leadership Keynote Topics

Paul speaks extensively on leadership and the following topics on leadership will help you understand his approach to leadership talks better.

Inspirational leadership

The talk is crafted to help you become an inspiring leader to your team, motivate yourself and people around you. Learn to bring in energy, enthusiasm to your work place to kill the monotony of work. Find motivation to deliver your best and inspire others to exceed expectations.

Leading change: navigating uncertainty with ease

When changes take place and various forces interrupt the rhythm of work, you need a special kind of leadership style that demands navigating change and uncertainty with ease. You will learn how to reinforce faith and confidence in people and guide them with courage and tenacity to manage change effectively.

Becoming a Mindful leader

Learn to become a mindful leader and get rid of the exhaustion and stress that arise from work. Learn to connect with your inner self and channelize your energy to productive tasks and results. Develop awareness and emotional balance to become a people’s leader.

Team leadership

Leading an effective team requires exceptional leadership that glues the team together to achieve even impossible tasks and numbers. Team leadership gives you the advantage of four powerful pillars to work with your team and to achieve success together.

Personal Leadership

Leadership begins fundamentally from leading self. An understanding of personal leadership helps you to find your inner core of who you are and what’s guiding you. Learn to cultivate personal accountability and learn to become an effective leader from the inside out. 

Think like an owner, Act like a leader.

Leadership demands you to think differently than a manager. You will learn to cultivate a sense of ownership and accountability and you will be able to pass on that ownership spirit to others as well. And ownership mindset is not just a personal trait; it can be your organisation’s cultural trait too.

Innovative Leader

Innovation differentiates a leader from followers. You will learn about cultivating the right mindset and skill set that supports innovation, lead innovation and foster a culture that lives and breaths innovation. 

Capturing Leadership Moments

There are leadership moments that you can capture at work and you can exercise situational leadership that inspires others at work. You don’t need a title to lead and anyone can capture leadership moments at work. This habit of capturing leadership moments will help you to be more productive at work, become a better coworker and a true leader without a title.

High Performance Leadership

High performance leadership helps you to identify your unique leadership style and become more effective as a leader. Based on the book and research, the talk is about understanding your leadership strengths and weaknesses and how you can deliver better performance as a leader. 

Emotionally intelligent leader

Cultivating EQ skills and empathy is very important to not only lead from the head but also from the heart. Based on Daniel Goleman’s research on EQ, the talk is about how you can lead with emotional intelligence, develop personal and social awareness to become more effective at work, build rapport, dissolve conflicts and cultivate empathy to understand and lead others better.

Becoming a servant leader

Leadership is exercising power with humility. Leadership is serving those around you in a way that helps them be the best they can be and therefore achieves the results for your organization or team. Learn about service orientation to your leaders, team, customers and service to yourself. Become an effective leader by being a great to service to others.

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