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How Paul can make a difference?

Drive the execution Discipline

When ‘The Reserve Bank of India’ wanted to implement a program on ‘driving execution discipline’ among their 60 Chief General Managers, they turned to Paul Robinson to conduct a half day workshop. Paul’s session helped the team to understand the different nuances of execution: like execution mindset, how routine hampers execution and how to develop an execution plan through trust and collaboration.


Good to Great

When organizations like Karvy Computershare, HPCL, DELL, KPTL, wanted to keep the mantra of going from good to great, they did intensive strategy sessions with Paul to create a road map to make the transition within the organization both culturally and strategically. Paul’s strategic workshop was intended to create a shift in mindset for possibility thinking, purpose driven leadership, and achieving Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) for the team to unleash their greatness.


Team Work and Cultural Diversity

When the international leadership team of  Pfizer wanted a team building session with their multicultural team, they took the service of Paul to conduct a fun-filled learning day, and it was a session everyone enjoyed thoroughly. The important aspect of building trust and working in collaboration became the highlight of the learning, and all team members  enjoyed the experiential learning process.

Client: PFIZER

Reinvent Yourself

Buzzwords like ‘Reinvent Oneself, Stay Relevant, Adapt Faster, Collaborate” have become the constant reminders for organizations in the recent times. When companies like H&M, Hindustan Petroleum, Sarover Hotels and Reliance, wanted to reinforce these messages to their employees, they invited Paul to deliver power packed sessions. The message was well received and the participants were motivated to break away from their comfort zone and embrace their personal growth zone.

Clients: H&M, Hindustan Petroleum  SAROVAR, RELIANCE

New paradigms in sales

When companies like Allergen, Kantar, Sonata, EFL and Jaquar, wanted to educate their employees on the new paradigms of sales, Paul was brought in as  the catalyst to inspire the team to become more competent in their field of sales and communication. Paul connected sales with marketing, branding and customer service and presented the paradigm of sales people becoming trusted experts in their industry. The team also realized different aspects of working together, inspiring each other and integrating various sales and marketing activities to align with the overall organizational goals.


Lead Change

When OCCL wanted to make a complete turn around in their company, they chose Paul to create a road map for change and transformation in the attitudes of employees. Paul’s engagement with the leadership team on developing a practical structure for Effective Change Management helped the team to navigate the company to the direction they have envisioned. Paul’s session became one of the best learning retreats they ever conducted for their management team.

Client: OCCL

Ignite Innovation

When Volvo wanted 600 of it’s lead engineers to unleash a mindset for creativity and innovation, they took the support of Paul to deliver a session on ‘different thinking tools for innovation’. The session was effective and content rich because it helped the participants on different aspects of thinking differently. The ideas narrated from Paul’s soon to be released book The Deviants was a gem of learning for everyone who wants to unleash their innovation mindset.

Client: VOLVO

Instil Accountability

Every organization wants their employees to be 100% accountable and expect them to think and act like owners rather than employees. When companies like Vistaar Finance, wanted an exponential growth in business turnover, they wanted their managers to foster accountability among its team members. Paul’s method was a transformational exercise that involved both attitudinal and behavioural shifts to break the compliance boundaries (doing only what is expected from a job profile) and to embrace an ownership mindset.


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